The hidden advantage that succesful people have is their skills to meet others where they are and from that point  create a meaningful communication. The hidden retoric is what you can call this. A retoric build more on two-way-communication and the skill to read bodylanguage. We made a seminar that is build on that and which teach yout he basis in the hidden retoric. Each part is presented during one day. It has three parts and each part presented during one day.

Whereever we are; at home, at work or different meetings we meet people . Communication is a puzzle with many different parts; the knowledge on how they  look and how they best fit together is the art behind communication and presentation. How is your nonverbal communication? What is the meaning of your words? Which personal and professional values do you communicate consiouasly and unconsiously? Why are certain people remembered and effective? There expression dynamic when other have no attention? What is the difference that makes the difference?

Many of the creative communications ground is



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