This is a seminar who will give you the ground in practical argumentation. Sometimes we meet a situation where we have to argue for what we believe in. Or find the best alternative. Or convince someone. Which way are we going to take?

What is the difference between argumentation and communication. What does it mean to argue? And what are the important variables? What has relevace to what we argue about?  How can we reframe a view and make it look different? How can we be more convincing? What is your reality- strategi?  i.e. how do you verify to yourself what is the truth and how does it affect your arguments. The seminar contains lingvistic as well as nonverbal moments. You create a new perspective and that gives you a new meaning in what is said. The intent is to give you an instrument to develop your cognitiv filters.

We look at the difference about communication and argumentation. What does it mean to argue? How can we reframe ? We look at cognitions/emotions, realitystrategies, values, belives and intentions. We analyse  how they come into the argumentation. What is the hidden retoric? What is the intention behind the arguments? We look on verbal and non-verbal communication. How can we reframe the other persons arguments. How do you meet opositions and critics.

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