ileneIlene Sawka, originally from Chicago, is an international consultant and specializing trainer  in  creative communication,  performance skills and enhanced personal competence. For the past twenty years her passion has been about skillfully moving people through uncertainty to confidence and dynamic presentations. She uses humor, play and laughter  to create a positive, energetic working space. Ilene believes there is a charismatic potential in each and every one of us. “Find your own power and how to connect and inspire others.”
Ilene´s earlier clients include The Swedish foreign Ministry, SAS, H&M, Sony Ericsson,  Absolute Vodka, the Swedsih Royal family and several top politicians.  She is also the  founder of the The Artist´s Ark, a program focusing on creativity and personal growth.  Other areas that Ilene masters include several holistic health disciplines such as qigong, kinesiology, meditation, NLP and Imagework.






Bert Lehrberg  Bert Lehrberg is Law dr in  since 1989 and a  professor since 1992. He is a CEO in the book and consultant company iuste´  since 1995   (Institutet för Bank- och Affärsjuridik). He has published half a dusssin of law books  and also a couple of litterary books. He is specialized in business law. He has a long experience as a consultant and judge. In his teaching he is focused  on special issues, He is trained in NLP(Neurolingvistic psychology) and  has in many years been a teacher in Argumentation:  advanced seminars in the university. His passion is to expand his knowledge and his insights to new levels of understanding and reach a higher level of insights and a greater success.




bgsBo George Sjöberg is the founder of Scandinavian NLP-Institute,  and Brainways AB. he is a licensed psychologist and a sociologist. He was a teacher in Argumentation at law school in Uppsala University in sweden. He has been teaching in Sweden, Russia, Finland, and was an assistent professor in psychology at the unviversity of Stockholm. He has been working with big Swedish companies like Volvo, SE banken, AGA, Telia, Hastens etc.  He is a trained psychotherapist and has worked as a coach with many CEO´s and creative successful entrepreneurs. He has got 40 years of experience with hypnosis and is the author of two books ” I am the owner of the world ” and “The language of hypnosis”.